An Artist in Brooklyn

Some might call me a reserved but charismatic individual with a penchant for sarcasm and dark humor. Others might choose more colorful and unflattering expletives to describe my character. I would like to think that the real me is somewhere in the middle.

For the sake of simplicity I often tell people I’m from St. Louis, Missouri which is far easier than referring to my hometown located just across the Mississippi River. Still, I’m often faced with blank stares until I mention St. Louis’ proximity to Chicago, the Gateway Arch, or the now internationally renowned, Ferguson, Missouri.

I grew up a shy and naive kid in a small steel town but was never in want of anything, living in a relatively average, middle-class family of four. My dad worked for a major automotive engineering company and built amateur dragsters with his best friend in a small garage they called No Name Fabrication. Mom was of the stay-at-home variety until I started junior high and my similarly talented younger brother who had aspirations towards audio engineering has more recently discovered his true calling in the culinary arts.

As long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to art and thought that was how I’d make my living. When I began my stint in higher education I was a declared Studio Arts major but then made what I thought was a more practical decision and enrolled in art education courses. But after hearing some art teachers’ extremely disheartening accounts about how many local school boards had shown only disdain and contempt towards the arts I turned to my other passion, technology.

For a time (about a decade, in fact) I worked in the information technology field, both in the public and private sectors; I even briefly tried running a small blog and computer repair business. Ultimately, my love affair with IT waned and I arrived at the conclusion that I’ve denied myself a potentially far more satisfying career in art and design.

It’s with a renewed sense of purpose that I hope the City That Never Sleeps will continue to inspire me, to urge me to create, and guilt me into pursuing what I truly love.

TLDR; I’m an artist from The Lou looking to make it in the Big Apple.