Hi! I’m Neal, a Brooklyn-based
UX Designer currently writing tons of code and illustrating!

About Me.

Some might call me a reserved but charismatic individual with a penchant for sarcasm and dark humor. Others might choose more colorful and unflattering expletives to describe my character. I'd like to think the real me is somewhere in the middle.

For about a decade I worked in the information technology field, both in the public and private sectors, including a brief attempt at running my own computer repair operation. But in time I realized I'd denied myself a potentially far more satisfying career in art and design.

As I start a new journey and reboot my career, I hope the City That Never Sleeps will continue to inspire me, to urge me to create, and guilt me into pursuing what I truly love.

TLDR; I’m an artist from The Lou trying to make it in the Big Apple.

Take a look at my creative process in design, art, and illustration.